Guest Speaker


Professor David Read

“Enhancing teaching (and career prospects) through innovative scholarship”

David first developed an interest in the field of Learning Technology while teaching at secondary level, and has built on that foundation since coming to Southampton. David has worked extensively on the use of electronic voting systems (‘zappers’) and the deployment of different types of video resources and has published a number of articles on these topics. In 2009, Chemistry pioneered the use of recorded lectures to support students in coming to terms with the different learning approaches required for success at university. David has subsequently worked with a number of colleagues who have adopted Tablet PCs as a tool for the delivery of material in lectures, this being an approach which has attracted positive feedback from students. Since taking over teaching of the chemistry component of the Science Foundation Year, David has pioneered the ‘flipped learning’ approach, working in collaboration with national leaders such as Professor Simon Lancaster at the University of East Anglia to promote the value of this strategy in making more effective use of precious face-to-face time and enhancing the learning experience for students.

Virtual Learning Environments have become almost ubiquitous in the delivery of online learning in schools and universities, and the initiatives developed at Southampton have greatly extended the use of the VLE (Blackboard) by staff and students alike. An innovative use of the VLE for the delivery of the Undergraduate Ambassador Scheme resulted in David being nominated for the ‘Blackboard award’ by the Centre for Innovations in Technologies and Education in 2013. As technology develops further, the scope for effective online learning will grow, and this is an exciting time to be at the forefront of developments.

David was awarded a prestigious National Teaching Fellowship in 2017.

National Teaching Fellow Prof. David Read.

National Teaching Fellow Prof. David Read.