Not just a medical student: An innovative medical education video series to inspire, engage and inform tomorrow’s doctors.

Nadine Abbas

Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton


  1. To inspire and engage medical students to be innovative and make meaningful impact.
  2. To inform medical students on the latest research, innovations, conferences, topical issues in the medical world not covered in the medical curriculum. 

To inspire tomorrow's doctors to be creative, there is a need to engage them with latest innovations, technology and conferences within various specialties. However, currently these themes are scarcely covered in the medical curriculum.

With the immense popularity of social media, ‘Not Just a Medical Student’ (NJMS) seeks to use it to reach and enhance medical students experience across the UK. It is an innovative bite-size medical education video series, with each video strictly under 3 minutes. Whether it’s visiting institutions, or conferences exposing their latest innovations, to engaging in topical medico-political issues at the BMA house.

Since its launch on Facebook in August 2017, within a month, NJMS has released three videos and gained over 750 followers from students at different medical schools. With videos ranging from engaging with the renowned founder of virtual reality surgery to showcasing the inspiring innovations at King’s College London from the current generation of students and junior doctors.