Assessing the Impact of User Experience in Online Medical Education

C Boules and J Malawana

King's College London School of Medicine

Online learning can seem two-dimensional when put into the clinical context of medical practice. The absence of an identifiable teaching figure can often neglect the required interaction needed between teacher and pupil, and this can dissuade audiences from properly engaging with the learning material.

Online or ‘e-learning’ is often referred to uniformly. Very little is done to understand the impact of user experience and retention of knowledge. We used a questionnaire to evaluate the impact of enhanced user experience-based education and how this compared with face-to-face teaching. Using high quality video educational content, we are able to demonstrate high uptake rates of online learning methodologies by students and hopefully demonstrate utility in this mode of training for the wider health profession.

By solving the issue of efficient training delivery of health professionals, we can begin to tackle the issue of the increasing demands of the professional’s need to meet regulatory and revalidation requirements.