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Ottawa 2018

I invite participants from around the world to the 18th Ottawa Conference in the United Arab Emirates. Over the years the Ottawa Conference has become synonymous with the state of the art in the assessment of competence in medicine and the healthcare professions, bringing together both experts and those new to the area, facilitating networking and international collaboration. The 18th Ottawa Conference will be no different, with a range of keynote speakers to challenge our thinking, symposia for debate and discussion, oral and poster presentations to share and test out our ideas, and preconference activities and conference workshops to learn in more detail how to implement new methods of assessment based on the experience of others. We are pleased to be sharing this Conjoint Conference with the International Conference on Medical Education. If you are a regular Ottawa Conference attendee, welcome back! . If this is your first Ottawa Conference, we hope you will enjoy the friendly and collegiat atmosphere and that you will return time after time. Join us for a stimulating and enjoyable Conference in the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi

Prof Ron Harden

Co-Founder Ottawa Conferences